Lotte de Beer

Stage director

Waiting for Miss M. – 2012

De Nederlandse Opera – Waiting for Miss Monroe

This new opera by Robin de Raaff and Janine Brogt tells the story of the woman behind the icon. In three acts we follow Marilyn in the final fase of her life. We start in the studio of her last film, continue with her performance on the President’s birthday and finally witness her lonely death. Even though the piece refers to images known to everyone, we show a side of them that was never meant for an audience to see. I have tried throughout the piece to make the fears and insecurities of this woman, who had to be loved by the world to compensate for the lack of love in her childhood, visible. In a threatening, empty space a railway network of dolly tracks brings individual set elements to her. They form a realistic surrounding in which she can be the icon she has created for the world. Every now and then however, these elements abandon her, leaving her all alone in this empty space of nothing. The audience gets slowly pulled into Marilyn’s intoxication, in which she encounters Daddy figures, Demons and her younger self before finally she ends up all alone.

Waiting for Miss Monroe: Music: Robin de Raaff, Libretto: Janine Brogt, Conductor: Steven Sloane, Stage Director: Lotte de Beer, Set, Costumes and Light design: Clement&Sanou, With: Laura Aikin, Dale Duesing, Helena Rasker, David DQ Lee, Hendrickje van Kerckhove, Daniel Belcher, John Tessier, Alain Coulombe, Tom Randle and Maria Kowan