Lotte de Beer

Stage director

Ringetje – 2012

Het Muziektheater Amsterdam – Ringetje, Der Ring des Nibelungen in 1,5 hours for children

It starts with the openings music of the Rheingold. We see three Rhein daughters in golden suits, gods, giants and heroes all in a very enchanted looking surrounding. In this magical world suddenly a group of scouting children comes barging in together with their two leaders, Bert and Rita. These two are arguing so much that they don’t even notice where they are. ‘We should have gone right when I told you so’ ‘If only you would have looked on the map better’ etc etc. ‘Rheingold, Rheingold!!’ sing the Rhein daughters and suddenly the two scouting leaders look up. Where did they end up now? Although Bert is a little scared, Rita decides to take control of the situation. She walks up to the Rheindaughters . ‘Excuse me, do you speak Dutch?’ “Rheingold, Rheingold’, they sing. Hmmmm Thank heavens Bert has a book describing all the problems you might encounter in a forest. He can read the translation. ‘They sing that there is gold in the Rhine’, he tells Rita.

When one of the scouting children along with Freya gets taken by the Giants, Rita and Bert are forced to take part in the adventures of Alberich, Wotan, Brunnhilde and all the other characters of this epic tale. They have to overcome their fears together with real heroes like Siegfried, are faced with terrible punishments of Wotan (who doesn’t only banishes his daughter but also Rita into a ring of fire) and finally learn about their true feelings for each other.
With nine singers singing twenty different roles, two actors, a children’s chorus and a small orchestra playing the reduced version adapted by Jonathan Dove, we manage to start with Rheingold and finish with Götterdämmerung keeping children and their parents at the edges of their seats.

Music: Wagner, reduction version by Jonathan Dove and musical transitions by Wouter Padberg and Claudia Rumonder, Conductor: Hans Leenders, Regie: Lotte de Beer, Texts: Arent Jan Linde, Anne Lamsvelt and Lotte de Beer, Set- and Costume design: Marouscha Levy, With: Arent jan Linde, Anne lamsvelt, Dana Ila, Morschi Franz, Marieke Reuten, Richard Prada, Jan Willem van der Haagen, Wieke van Wingerden, Bas Kuylenburg, Nanco de Vries, Elizabeth Poz.