Lotte de Beer

Stage director

Medea – 2007

AHK Amsterdam – This new opera by Tania Sikhelianou turned the well known greek tragedy in a 90 minutes lasting music theatre piece.

In the regie I used the contradiction of how the other characters talk about Medea and how we see her behave. Medea is constantly described as hysterical, emotional, irrational etc. However when we read her texts, we can see for ourselves that that is not true. Even when she is in the depts of despair (when she knows she will be banished far away from her children for instance) she keeps talking in a very eloquent, rational way. In fact when you think longer about it, perhaps she would not have come to such an unthinkable act, if only she would have been able to express her emotions more naturally. Medea is a foreigner. She comes from a maternalistic society. She burns all her ships behind her when she comes along with Jason to live in Greece, a rational and paternalistic society much like the one we live in today. She integrates completely into her new country.

In this regie I have put Medea in a surrounding of young women. The chorus consists only of girls who incorporate the beauty ideal of today. Medea herself has reached her female expiration date. She is to be replaced by a newer model. A princess even. We see Medea in her house. A stainless steel kitchen in which no food is ever prepared. In the big fridge only the medicines are kept that Medea needs to be able to cope with everyday life. We see her rational way of behaving leading her to madness and eventually to murdering her children with her own medication.
Medea by: Tania Sikhelianou, conductor: Pedro Santos Figuera, regie: Lotte de Beer, set- and costume design: Marouscha Levy, with: Daniela Bernouli and many others.