Lotte de Beer

Stage director

Hansel und Gretel – 2015

Engelbert Humperdinck


Conductor: Marc Albrecht

Stage Director: Lotte de Beer

Set Design: Michael Levine

Costume Design: Clement&Sanou

Video Design: Finn Ross

Light Design: David Finn

Dramaturgy: Peter te Nuyl and Klaus Bertisch


With: Lenneke Ruiten, Kate Lindsey, Peter Hoare, Charlotte Margiono, Thomas Oliemans, Hendrickje van Kerckhove and the Kathedrale Koorschool Utrecht.


This ‘Hänsel und Gretel’ starts on a garbage dump. Five children have been sleeping between the rubbish. They wake up and start playing in the debris. We see a little hand grab some dirt and turn it into a puppet. This is Hänsel and they make Gretel as well. Then we see them make a fairytale house of an old cornflakes box. We dive into the children’s imagination and see those puppets come to life in a blown up version of that box.

In this way we can see the fairytale through the eyes of the Hänsel and Gretels of our time.