Lotte de Beer

Stage director

Arabic Prinzessin – 2011

Oper Leipzig - This children’s opera was originally meant as a project for Israeli and Palestinian children. When I started thinking about a concept for this piece at Oper Leipzig, I decided I wanted to work with an everyday life problem of children not living in Israel but in a German city. The story is about a princess falling in love with a fisherman and about how their love story doesn’t seem to be able to find a happy end because of their many differences. These two parts were written for adults. The children in the audience would therefore have to watch two adults on stage struggling with love. I think a lot of children are suffering from the way their parents deal with love or the lack of it nowadays. That is why I wanted this story to be about two divorced parents who go to the opera to see their children perform Die Arabische Prinzessin. They can’t control themselves and start fighting so terribly in the audience hall, that the performance is stopped. The children then get their parents on stage and make them play the parts of the princess and the fisherman so that they can learn something about love. Fortunately the Intendant of the theatre helps out a bit and the story can get better than even the children would have imagined.

Composer: Juan Crisostómo de Arriaga (Music adapted by Sophie Brüning) Libretto: Paula Fünfeck Conductor: Andreas Schüler Director: Lotte de Beer Set- and costume design: Marouscha Levy  Amirah: Lisa Fornhammer/ Paula Rummel Jamil: Daniel Johannsen Fürst: Andreas David Chorus: Children’s chorus of Oper Leipzig (led by Sophie Bauer) Orchestra: Gewandhaus Orchestra