Lotte de Beer

Stage director

Cosi fan Tutte – 2013

Staatstheater Braunschweig – Cosi fan Tutte

Conductor: Sebastian Beckendorf, Stage Director: Lotte de Beer, Set -, costume – and light design: Clement&Sanou.

A clown with a broken heart wants to commit suicide. But in his attempts to hang himself he fails time after time in very clownish ways. he then grabs his nose and pulls it off, gets rid of his clowns clothes. In short; he de-clowns himself. He becomes a fallen clown, a cynical one, a human. This all happens in the ouverture and this cynical clown turns out to be Don Alphonso who then tries to teach the other characters his cynical view of the world through the famous bet. With success, for after the whole masquerade, the entire world, that seemed so perfect, de-clowns and becomes an average, imperfect one, a human one.